Membership to the Institute of Quarrying

Membership Benefits


Belonging to the Institute has many benefits:


  • Formal recognition of an individual’s professional achievement and competency.
  • Members are updated with the latest technical, environmental and commercial developments in the industry, through participation in Institute activities and by access to technical journals.
  • Free subscription to Quarry Magazine.
  • Networking with industry peers including quarry companies, suppliers, contractors and consultants.
  • Local and national access to technical meetings and symposia.
  • Special rate to attend continuing education activities including seminars, forums, conferences and luncheons.
  • Invitation to attend social events and gatherings.



  • 正式承認個人的專業成就和能力。
  • 通過參與礦業學會的研究活動和獲得技術期刊,會員將獲得該行業最新的技術、環境和商業發展動態。
  • 免費訂閱礦業雜誌。
  • 與採石場公司,供應商,承包商和顧問在內的行業同行進行緊密聯網
  • 參與本地和國家的技術會議和專題討論會。
  • 以優惠價錢參加礦業學會的研討會、論壇、會議和午餐會等持續教育活動。
  • 獲邀參加社交活動和聚會。



Membership Application

Membership application forms can be obtained by contacting the Secretary or any branch official or by email. Contact us here.
The application form itself asks for details of your qualifications (if any), experience and responsibilities in the industry. This information determines the grade of membership which you will be accorded.
In general terms the Institute membership grade forms a ladder of progress which can be climbed during the course of a career, starting with the entry grade of Student and leading to the highest grade of Fellow which has designatory letters FIQ. The Member grade is reserved for  those with approved qualifications and basic line management or specialist experience in the industry. Designatory letters are MIQ.
Applicants without any formal qualifications who are employed directly within the industry are given the standard grade of Associate. It is understood that such applicants will be working towards a qualification or gaining experience. The final grade is Student which is a subsidized grade for full-time college students who are working for qualifications to enable them to proceed to a higher level. Upgrading is required as soon as the specified qualifications and/or experience have been attained.
Finally, applications may enter at any grade for which they have the appropriate qualifications and experience at any time during their career.




沒有任何正式資格但直接受僱在行業的申請人, 會被授予標準等級的助理級別。 這些申請人將需努力獲得資格或獲得相關經驗。 一個全職大學畢業生,只要他們從事相關工作並獲得相關資格認證, 就能讓他們提供晉升更高水平。 需要升級, 就要達到相關規定的資格或經驗。