About Us


The Institute of Quarrying is the international professional body for the quarrying, construction materials and the related extractive and processing industries, with 6,000 members in some 50 countries of the world. Membership is open to individuals, rather than companies, and the Institute's long-term objective is to promote progressive performance through the medium of education and training at supervisory and management level.

The Institute believes education and training is a life-long opportunity which should be viewed in the broadest terms, starting with initial qualifications gained at college, university or through distance learning programs. This is followed by continuing professional development through attendance at conferences, seminars, training courses, competence assessment schemes, workshops, technical meetings, site visits and the updating of knowledge by reading the Institute's journals, technical and management papers and textbooks.

By utilizing these resources, members not only have a means of establishing successful careers in a major industry which supplies society with some of its most basic needs, but also have the opportunity to be part of a growing network of professionals around the world committed to the advancement and sharing of knowledge.

The promotion of high standards of health and safety, together with a progressive attitude towards environmental and social responsibility, also rank prominently in the Institute's order of priorities. This manifests itself through the encouragement of best practice in both quarrying operations and community relations, so that the members can be efficient producers, responsible stewards of the environment and 'good neighbours' in the areas where they work.



礦業學會是國際專業機構, 其專業涉及採石,建築材料和相關採掘加工行業,在全​​球約50個國家擁有6,000名會員。會員資格對個人開放而不是公司,而且礦業學會的長期目標是通過監督和管理層面的教育和培訓,促進績效的進步。


通過利用這些資源,成員不僅建立成功的個人職業生涯, 並可以為社會提供一些最基本需求人材,而且還有機會成為世界各地專業人士網絡的一部分,致力於推動和分享知識。

礦業學會的宗旨是以對環境和社會責任的持續發展態度, 促進行業高標準的健康和安全,礦業學會佔據顯著位置。 這體現在鼓勵採石業和社區關係方面的最佳做法,以便成員能夠成為最佳的生產者,負責任的環境管理者和他們工作地區的“好鄰居” 。